About Maya Maymoni

About Maya

Award Winning Wildlife Photographer, Safari Leader

Maya Maymoni is a wildlife and human professional photographer, based in the Arava desert in Israel, in the smallest settlement in Israel. Photography is a way of life for her.

In her photography, Maya likes to reveal the beauty of life. Maya is curious, adventurous, enthusiastic and passionate. She feels that wildlife photography is like meditation, observing and learning from animal behavior.

The camera is Maya’s constant companion, together they travel the world, exposed to exotic wildlife and cultures. Maya believes we can always learn from other cultures, no matter how different they are from us. 

Her international photography projects have included searching for the black panther in India, visiting remote tribes all over the world, and photographing safaris in Africa. 

She also organizes photography expeditions for people who love wildlife, nature and culture.

Passion is energy.
I can feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites me

Maya specializes in wildlife photography, and over the years she began to guide photography tours and work on personal projects in remote places. For Maya, every new place is a way to meet people. She believes everyone has a place to feel like they belong. Through her images, Maya aims to inspire people to celebrate life and preserve our amazing planet. We don’t have to destroy nature and consume too much to live well.

Maya’s mission focuses on animal conservation, bringing disappearing cultures to light, and connecting people as a way of learning and accepting difference. She works for health and human rights.

Maya believes that photography has the power to encourage us to think, question and challenge our beliefs and behavior.

Maya creates visual content for companies and documents inspiring stories.

International award winner Wildlife Photographer

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