Longing for Rain

I’ve been living in the Middle Arava for two and a half years, during which I’ve had the privilege of experiencing winters with impressive rain events, which I photographed whenever I got the chance.

Through conversations with local friends I realized that I was lucky enough to witness unusual sights, ones that usually occur only once every few years in the Arava.

I love it when the thunder crashes, the skies fill up with clouds, the first drops of rain fall down, the lighting becomes soft and even, the lightning streaks through the dark, and most of all, I love the smell of rain.

I missed the rain so much that I decided to dedicate this article to rain photography. I searched through images of rain in the Arava and tried to understand what makes a good photograph in those conditions. I found quite a few good photos and reasons that make them work:

Lightning, birds in the rain, clouds covering the sky and creating a soft light without sharp shadows, and floods.

Lightning occurs at different frequencies, and so it’s recommended to photograph them using long exposure, with a tripod, in order to capture a few bolts of lightning together. If you want to photograph moving clouds in the winter, place your camera on a tripod and set it to time-lapse mode. Alternatively, if your camera doesn’t offer time-lapse, you can take the picture on your smartphone using time-lapse mode or time cuts. Another option is to set your camera on timer mode, manually take a photo every 3-6 seconds, and create a video using the string of photos.

These special moments don’t only take place during winter, but whenever there is unique weather. The pattern I found for creating good images is the search for anything out of the ordinary, any unusual weather is an opportunity. During a sandstorm, as the Arava is painted yellow and orange, that’s the time to go out and take pictures; when most people want to stay indoors, that’s exactly when I’ll want to head outdoors.

A photographer I admire once said that in order to take amazing photos, you need to be in amazing places. I’d like to add that you also need to pay attention and realize your opportunities. While we may have gotten used to the incredible landscape of the Arava, it still remains unique and awe inspiring. You just have to seize the opportunities. This month, try to find the unusual around you, and go photograph it. If you went out of your comfort zone to capture the unusual, you’re welcome to comment here in the blog, and share your photo to get feedback.


 Blog update –

Last winter’s photographs remain a sweet memory as this winter takes its place.

Thunder roared, the streams filled up and flowed, and I was filled with joy.

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